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We are honoured to be invited by the Global Foundation to present the work of The Mariwai Project and our endeavours to protect cultural and environmental sustainability. These discussions amongst eminent global figures from diverse backgrounds, industry leaders, diplomats and Vatican officials will consider Co-operative Globalisation – Navigating the Unknown Together, Towards Peaceful, Global Co-existence

The full program from the Global Foundation is in this link.

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MANIFESTA 13-Les Parallèles du Sud
Infinite Village
Espace Jouenne, 39-41 rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille
Pôle Culturelle Le 109, Nice
Hôtel Windsor, Nice
28 August to 4 October 2020, October(Marseille) – 31 March (Nice)
open Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-19:00, free entrance.
The Infinite Village is a social, collective and architectural sculpture that invites the experimentation of a “common”. This artistic, participative and educational platform will occupy the cities of Marseille and Nice in various forms (installations, performances, workshops, conferences and projection) offering plural activities to share with local residents, international guests, associations and the public. This European and International entity is shaping a new common and humanist future.


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This edition of the OAS Journal once again traverses through time and space exploring aspects of Pacific cultures, from the first contact made by Captain James Cook in Hawaii to the current interactions of New York artist, Shiva Lynn Burgos, with the Kwoma people in PNG.

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