VR Instructions




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InsideTOKIMBA is best experienced by wearing a headset.

If a small portable projector is attached then it is possible to project the video allowing a larger group to view the 360 experience.

With an Internet connection participants can also view through their cell phones, tablets or computers without a VR headset (although this is not as immersive).


360Virtual Reality is an immersive video experience that allows you to experience a world by putting on a head-mounted display. The display will typically be split between your eyes, creating a stereoscopic effect with stereo sound, and together with the technology it will create an immersive, believable experience, allowing you to explore the virtual world.

When you load up a 360/VR-compatible video on your phone, simply tap the little Cardboard icon on the lower right. 147354-200It’s impossible to miss.

Doing so splits the image into two nearly identical frames, and when the phone is inserted into your Cardboard viewer (or similar device like Samsung Gear) and held up to your face, the images merge into one seamless shot. From there, you can enjoy the show—just be sure to look all around so you don’t miss any awesome sights from behind you!

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TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS for Institutional Presentation

Inside Tokimba is approximately 11 minutes duration. It is an anamorphic HD video viewed through a 360-VR player, which transforms the anamorphic image into a stereoscope effect, on a 360-VR headset that the visitor wears. Similar to an audio guide system the visitor will be given the headset and instructions from museum/gallery staff who will adjust the headset comfort level to ensure the optimal experience. The visitor may stand or sit on a small rotating stool. Additional headsets are needed so that they can be regularly cleaned and recharged.

With an internet connection participants can also view through their smartphones without a VR headset. Potentially the visitor may be given a link to the file online with his VR ticket and be able to view from their own devices outside of the museum experience. The film is suitable for children but the exact age requirement would need to be assessed.

The three video projectors in situ in the space can project a mix of video and photographs along with sound and music to further provide an all-encompassing experience for the visitors within the space.

via computer: viewed on a browser which supports 360-degree video (such as Firefox or Chrome or Microsoft Edge) otherwise it will be shown anamorphically (for example in Safari or Windows Internet Explorer). via smartphone: the YouTube app allows the phone to be moved around as a window into the 360 world and also has a stereoscopic mode allowing the phone to be used in a VR viewer such as the Google Cardboard.

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